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Certificate of Excused Absence
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Fake / Phony Doctor's Note
Did you miss time and you need an excuse?
Do you need a couple of personal days? Then this is for you!

Don’t take any chances with any other.

Includes a return to work notation / a release to return to work.

This excuse has custom letterhead and verification info. Yes, this document can be verified.
You don't have to worry about anyone trying to call a fictitious facility to check up on you.
What will they think when they can’t find it or call a real place that you didn't even go to and will have no record of anything.

Our excuse has an automated verification system, with the info printed on the document.
There is a web address on the document so, the recipient can verify the document.
Once you get your excuse check it out.
We do this at no additional cost.
No additional charge!

You will have your excuse in less than 5 minutes!

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It’s easy, no editing, just fill in the blanks once you get your blank form.
Please be sure that the information you write in later matches the information you give us, as closely as possible.
It is a professional excuse and it is all that should be required. It would be absurd for anyone to question it.

We make no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to legality of any form, nor for any intended use or purpose.
We are a document center and make no assertion as to the filled in portions of any document and do not partake in its completion/execution.
All parties agree to hold TeamAmeriDream and its agents/associates harmless in all maters concerning the use of their products or services.
We are not qualified to give legal advise nor are we qualified to give medical advise; in ether case nothing should be taken as such. This is a novelty item.

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Please give us the following information for our records.
All information must match the information you intend to write in yourself.
Please make a note of your entries, as they will not appear on your form.

Please do not forget to press the “submit” button above, (once you filled in the information).


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After you logging in on the “Login Page” to the left, simply click on the link and print your document instantly.
Select "file" in your tool bar then select "print".

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Use at your own risk.

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